• Combination Pack of Complete Collection

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    Can’t decide on which pack of cards to get?  A Special Discount Offer contains our complete collection of Get Real Recipe cards. You will get:
    1 pack of Easy Supper Dishes
    1 pack of Classic Cakes & Desserts
    1 pack of Lunches Light Bites & More.

  • SuppersSuperSale

    Easy Supper Dishes

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    This pack of 52 cards has tried and tested recipes with great ideas for simple, everyday dinners for family and friends. Recipes include Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Fish, Vegetarian and Pasta plus three joker recipes! From Chicken Satay to Ducky Pie from speedy pasta to easy vegetarian recipes, there is something for everyone!  .


  • LightBitesSuperSale

    Lunches, Light Bites & More

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    For everyday lunch ideas we have delicious soups, fun salads and easy breads.  There is also a selection of starters, light bites and sides suitable for any meal.  It’s easy to make your favourite soup and try the easiest breads ever made from porridge and beer! Great ideas and simple recipes for everyday lunches or when a light snack is best.

  • Classic Cakes & Desserts

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    A wide selection of popular Cakes and Dessert recipes that have been tried and tested. This pack include Hot & Cold Desserts, Cakes, Traybakes, Biscuits, Tealoaves, Muffins & Scones. Many recipes here are sourced from friends where they have become family favourites.  All recipes are easy to follow and will impress your friends.

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