Susie and Clare both live in County Tipperary in Ireland.  Their families are grown up and they both enjoy cooking and exploring new dishes.  Clare trained at the famous Ballymaloe cookery school, where she learned a love of good home cooking and the importance of quality ingredients.  Susie had always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with different dishes, trying vegetarian and vegan cooking through the years.
When their children were away at college, they frequently got phone calls from them in the supermarket asking what ingredients they needed to buy to make ‘spag bol’ or another of their favourite recipes.  They came up with the idea to print a simple set of cards like a deck of playing cards that would be handy to refer to when shopping.  Each card would have a list of ingredients and simple instructions on how to cook the tasty fun suppers and avoid pre-packed dinners; hence Get Real Recipe Cards were created. Three packs are now available:
52 Easy Supper Dishes
52 Classic Cakes & Dessert
52 Lunches, Light Bites & More

24 VanillaCupcakes
Chilli Con Carne
Sweet Potatoe andParsnip Wedges
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