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Clare and Susie at Christmas Far selling cards

Susie and Clare both live in the countryside in Co. Tipperary in Ireland.  Their families are grown up and they both enjoy cooking and exploring new dishes.  Clare trained at the famous Ballymaloe cookery school, where she learned a love of good home cooking and the importance of quality ingredients.  Susie had always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with different dishes, trying vegetarian and vegan cooking through the years.  Susie and Clare both have children who were away at college.  They frequently got phone calls from their children who would call from the supermarket asking what ingredients they needed to buy to make ‘spag bol’ or another of their favourite recipes.
The idea was born to print a simple set of cards that would be handy to refer to when shopping.  Each card would have a convenient list of ingredients and simple instructions on how to cook the tasty fun suppers and avoid pre-packed dinners.

It quickly became clear that this idea would appeal to more than students.  How often have you planned a meal for family, friends and yourself, written down what you need and then forgotten the list when you go to the shop or find that they don’t have the essential ingredient in stock.  With Get Real Recipes there’s no need to panic, just choose another dish from your cards conveniently stored in your handbag or pocket!

They set about choosing appropriate recipes for the ‘cards’.  All recipes are tried and trusted and tasted by the highly critical family audience!

52 Easy Supper  Dishes: There are seven recipe sections, complimented by three Joker card recipes.  They are colour coded:  
Chicken – yellow  |  Beef – red  |  Lamb – purple  | Pork – pink  |  Vegetarian – green  |  Pasta – orange  |  Fish – blue.  

Following on from the success of the original pack of 52 Easy Supper  Dishes, by popular request Susie and Clare have published their second set of  cards.  Titled "52 Classic Cakes & Desserts" they incorporate their  favourite recipes, supplied by friends & family!

52 Classic Cakes & Desserts are published in a similar format, they include classic favourites such as  "Lemon Meringue Pie" and "Apple Crumble", to fun new ideas such as "Crunchie  Ice-Cream".  Cakes include a delicious twist on a favourite carrot cake to  healthy peanut butter seed bars.  There is a quick and easy Birthday Cake and the best every Lemon Drizzle Cake.   

Again, there are six sections, all colour coded:  
Warm Desserts - orange  |  Cold Desserts - turquoise  |  Cakes - lilac  |  Traybakes - mint green  |  Tea Loaves - Pink  |  Biscuits - Pale Blue  |  Muffins & Scones - Yellow.  

Our third set of cards "Lunches, Light Bites and More" are now available. This selection was created due to popular demand and requests from friends and family and were launched in December 2017.

If anyone has a  particular favourite Susie and Clare would love to hear from you - info@getrealrecipes.com

Clonbrogan House, Fethard, Co. Tipperary
086-8119622 or 086-2603264
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